Take Control of Your Data

Handing over your encounter data to a vendor is supposed to make your life easier — but in reality, it leaves you in the dark. You’re completely reliant on your vendor’s schedules, submission cycles and reporting capabilities. There’s no visibility into submission rates and rejection reasons — and no easy way to edit your submissions without going into the core claims system.

With so little insight into and control of the process, how can you ensure timely and accurate payments?

Better Control. Better Results.

Enter Babel Health. We offer the first fully integrated platform that allows payers to self-manage all complex risk adjustment and encounter submissions for EDPS/RAPS, EDGE, Medicaid and APCD.

Our solution puts control of the encounter submission process squarely in the hands of your risk adjustment team, creating full transparency. Manage work, error correction and production control and get insight into critical financial and administrative intelligence. And it’s all done through one multi-program interface with user-friendly dashboards and complete, real-time data access.

With Babel Health, Your Team Can:

  • Access and correct pre- and post-submission errors without engaging the claims vendor.
  • Clean up historical and current missed or rejected submissions.
  • Get clear interpretation for CMS’ responses (no more guesswork).
  • View risk score and payment projections by member or contract ID.
  • Rank and prioritize error correction activities by revenue.
  • Reconcile gaps between EDPS and RAPS submissions to ensure CMS compliance.
  • Analyze data and produce insightful, on-demand reports.

Create self-reliance for your risk adjustment team with submission and error correction on your schedule — not your vendor’s. Increase acceptance rates while reducing legwork. A simpler, more streamlined encounter submissions experience is waiting for you with Babel Health.