Accurate Encounter Submissions

You can dramatically improve your encounter submission acceptance rates with Babel Health. Our single, easy-to-use interface includes the Error Correction Queue tool which pre-validates 100% of your encounter data to alert you to errors before submission. The result: you identify, control and correct the data before it turns into revenue loss.

Risk adjustment matters more than you think. The Error Correction Queue is that last line of defense before submission, but it also impacts every part of the process. It gives you the much-needed visibility into the data, which translates into fixing member or provider data, highlighting inconsistencies, and flagging incorrect information so you can correct the source.

With this level of control and improved insight, you can:

  • Maximize revenue
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Guarantee compliance

The Babel Health platform works with all chart vendors so it’s easy to adopt. And unlike the chart vendors that claim they do it all or only work with scrubbed data, Babel Health empowers you to quickly and easily submit accurate, complete and compliant encounter information while identifying the revenue at risk.

Complete Encounter Submissions

Many encounter data solution providers describe their offering as “complete.” But a closer look reveals that the term is used broadly — as in ‘complete visibility’ or ‘complete encounters’ — which isn’t the complete your plan needs.

At Babel Health, complete means complete. Our unique ETL tool allows for the fast extraction, transformation and loading of 100% of your data. We show plans exactly where the errors are, and what the potential financial loss/gain would be before submitting to CMS. That gives you the opportunity to correct errors prior to sending. Additionally, our R3 Insight© tool identifies high-risk errors first and ranks them, so you can prioritize discrepancies and corrections. By working smarter, you recapture the greatest possible revenue in the first or second sweep.

The result: your plan gets paid for these claims earlier than if you were to work through the errors blindly. In addition, we are reducing the burden on IT departments, as well as removing the duplicative efforts of managing multiple vendors on disparate platforms.

Compliant Encounter Submissions

How did your last sweeps period go with your current solutions? Just okay? Not great? Beyond bad? Without accurate submissions, your plan will not only face reduced revenues and increased costs, but potentially major compliance issues.

Babel Health’s state-of-the-art solution is a 100% HIPAA-compliant, secure, cloud-based platform that manages the full submission cycle for all government-sponsored risk adjustment programs. All intake data files are mapped to CMS or state-compliant formats by our experts, ensuring that when your files are loaded all required data is present and compliant. Additionally, we help plans like yours remain compliant with all federal and state agencies with 24/7/365 surveillance of all regulatory changes. This means you can avoid letters of non-compliance, sanctions or cash penalties.

With Babel Health, you’ll gain greater insight and access into your submission data — including financial, administrative, outcomes, pay for performance, HEDIS and CMS Star ratings. The result: improved quality, revenue and compliance.