Encounter data submissions are the most critical — yet least understood — part of the RAPS/EDPS, EDGE, Medicaid and APCD risk adjustment process. Even minor errors can cause you to miss critical deadlines and jeopardize payments. How much money is your health plan leaving unclaimed every month?

Cut your losses with Babel Health’s all-in-one, easy-to-use encounter data management platform. Our pre-validation tool exposes the issues that make you vulnerable to lost revenue and non-compliance. Not only that, it gives you the power to rectify those issues before they cost you money.

Recover Millions of Potentially Lost Dollars

By pre-validating 100% of your encounter data to alert you to errors prior to sending, our innovative ETL tool empowers you to ensure more complete, accurate and compliant submissions the first time around. As a result, you’ll collect more of the money you’re owed — sooner — from government-sponsored programs.


Get Full Control and Visibility of Your Data

Through our easy-to-use interface, your risk adjustment team has a 360-degree view of encounter data that should be reported vs. what is reported. Fix errors before and after submission. You can even view risk score and payment projections by member ID and rank error correction activities by revenue.


Reduce Reliance on Your IT People

Babel Health’s fully managed, cloud-based encounter data management platform offers a CMS-approved, HIPAA-compliant environment. Your tech team no longer has to maintain numerous products, interfaces and releases while coordinating with multiple vendors. Instead, you can refocus your in-house IT talent on other strategic projects.


Babel Health eliminates the overwhelming noise of encounter submission issues, enabling you to streamline the risk adjustment process, submit cleaner claims and dramatically improve your reimbursement rates.