Being able to correct encounter submission errors with Babel Health’s platform is a big plus. But what if you could actually prioritize those errors based on how much revenue they’re worth to your health plan?

Ensure Your Highest Risk Claims Are Paid Sooner

R3 Insight© — Babel Health’s advanced risk, revenue and reconciliation analysis tool — gives your plan the ability to identify and rank rejected claims by value. Address the high-risk pre- and post-submission errors first, and recoup the greatest possible revenue in the first or second sweep.

With R3 Insight, your plan also has the ability to:

  • Identify member HCCs in rejected claims
  • View risk score by member or contract ID
  • Report on financial and risk score impacts for both resolved and outstanding errors
  • Calculate projected cost for a single encounter — or all encounters in an unsubmitted state
  • Define and reconcile discrepancy gaps between EDPS and RAPS submissions to ensure compliance
  • Project yearly payments by sweep and simplify revenue forecasting

By allowing your staff to work smarter, R3 Insight makes a positive impact on your bottom line. This is just one more way Babel Health is bringing ease, organization and efficiency to the risk adjustment submissions process.

Use With the Babel Health Platform … or as a Standalone Tool

R3 Insight is at the core of our EDPS/RAPS submission platform. However, even if your plan doesn’t currently use the Babel Health platform for submissions, you can leverage the powerful capabilities of R3 Insight as a standalone tool.

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