Get a Clearer Picture of Your Risks — and Better Results.

Are you basing your risk scores on poor or incomplete data? From coding mistakes to missed health conditions, errors and oversights along the risk adjustment continuum can lead to data leakage of up to 30%. This translates into incomplete claims that can rob you of the revenue you’re entitled to.

Well, worry no more — Babel Health now offers a predictive analytics solution to help you dig deeper into your data and uncover gaps and inefficiencies that are hurting your bottom line. This value-add service complements our risk adjustment and encounter submission platform to optimize your Medicare reimbursement process even more.

Close Coding and Care Gaps

Our predictive analytics tool uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to identify opportunities for risk score improvement among your members and help you forecast your costs with greater precision. You’ll receive actionable insights that enable you to:

  • Proactively prevent revenue leakage by identifying coding gaps at a claim level.
  • Identify potential missing health conditions and HCC codes.
  • More accurately calculate risk scores and risk-adjusted payments.
  • Target high-risk providers and members to optimize chart reviews.
  • Reduce avoidable services for high-utilization members.
  • Identify high-risk members that need specific, proactive care and wellness campaigns.
  • Educate providers to facilitate better documentation going forward.

With Babel Health’s analytics solution, you get another powerful layer of data optimization to help you submit accurate and complete encounter information. You’ll not only recapture lost revenue; you’ll gain additional insights that help your providers deliver improved care — and healthier patient outcomes.

Contact us to learn how we can help your plan unlock the full value of its risk adjustment data.