In recent years, health plans have been under mounting pressure to report detailed Medicaid encounter data to states. It’s a thorny process — with plenty of room for errors that can cost your plan serious loss of revenue and put you at risk for non-compliance.

Transform Your Risk Adjustment Outcomes

Simplify your Medicaid encounter submissions with Babel Health. Our platform features pre- and post-submission data validation that incorporates the nuances of all the states in which your plan operates. Clear-cut error reporting and correction capabilities allow you to easily interpret and fix errors — so you can ensure your encounters are complete, accurate and within state-mandated deadlines.

Actionable Plan Insights

Our suite of integrated tools also provides you with immediate access to the performance and financial information you need to make informed business decisions. Find out whether data has been accepted by the states and the impact it will have on your bottom line. You can also use these insights to analyze cost, utilization and trends, and assess the quality of member services.

Babel Health’s Medicaid encounter reporting solution allows you to:

  • Extract, transform and load flat and ANSI file formats from multiple sources
  • Validate data records against state edit requirements prior to submission
  • Manage state-specific response and error reports
  • Organize and prioritize error correction activities according to revenue risk
  • Turn around resubmissions rapidly to meet state requirements
  • Identify trends and provider education opportunities
  • Analyze data and produce detailed reports using user-friendly dashboards

From data import to state-specific submissions, Babel Health is your comprehensive Medicaid data management center. Reduce the time and expense associated with encounter data submissions, solve the issues that are hurting your bottom line and optimize your revenue opportunities.

To access the Babel Health Medicaid fact sheet click here.

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