Partner With the Encounter Data Submissions Expert

When it comes to encounter data submissions, tight margins leave no room for error. Is your in-house team or encounter data solutions vendor doing all they can to ensure accurate, complete and compliant submissions? What would your results look like if you left the heavy lifting to the experts at Babel Health?

Babel Health has dedicated its entire business to solving health plans’ risk adjustment submissions challenges. Through our BPaaS offering, we leverage this focused expertise to solve the issues that are hurting your bottom line. Our team has a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained from supporting dozens of plans over the years. Armed with these insights, we help you automate complex encounter data submissions across all government-sponsored lines of business and maximize your reimbursement and revenue.

How It Works

With Babel Health BPaaS, you’re supported by subject matter experts familiar with the latest industry requirements — plus our all-in-one technology platform that helps improve encounter data accuracy. Our people work closely with yours to submit cleaner claims while tackling any problems that arise. Your customized BPaaS team monitors all the moving parts essential to proper reimbursement, including:

  • Oversight of inbound source files to be used for each program/product
  • Pre-submission validation against program/product business rules, and edits
  • Correction of validation errors pre-submission using work queues and batch correction
  • Encounter and supplemental file submission to meet filing requirements
  • Correction of rejection errors and re-submission of claims
  • Medicare chart review
  • Response and report file management
  • Risk adjustment score results analysis
  • Outcome reporting

You maintain end-to-end transparency of all aspects of our process and the results we deliver. This includes access to dashboards with near-real-time data and on-demand reporting. Regularly scheduled meetings ensure alignment of goals and excellent communication across teams.

Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Use Babel Health BPaaS as an interim solution while building your internal staff. We’ll even make personnel recommendations and train your people to help you build a world-class risk adjustment operation. Or you can hire us to provide full-service, ongoing risk adjustment support using our proven best practices and process for encounter data submissions.

Let’s do this together. Contact us to learn how Babel Health can help you collect more of the money you’re owed, sooner.