All-payer claims databases (APCD) serve a vital purpose — helping to reduce wasteful spending in the commercial and public insurance sectors, and lower healthcare costs. But plans operating in states with APCDs face a unique set of challenges when it comes to providing claims data. Encounter formats and reporting requirements differ from program to program … and collection rules vary from state to state.

Get Complete Visibility and Control of Your Submission Data

At Babel Health, we’ve simplified the management of APCD submissions by giving you a single platform that’s compatible across all lines of business. Our suite of integrated tools gives you immediate access to your claims data submission status. You also have the ability to correct errors and resubmit on your timeline — all while ensuring 100% compliance with your state’s specific rules and requirements.

Our data submission management solution for APCD allows you to:

  • Import any file format from multiple sources
  • Consolidate data across multiple lines of business
  • Validate data records against state-specific requirements prior to submission
  • Rank and prioritize error correction and resubmission activities
  • Identify trends and provider/member education opportunities
  • Measure progress to contractual performance and actuarial goals
  • Analyze data and produce detailed ad hoc reports

With Babel Health’s powerful integrated platform, all-payers doesn’t have to be all that complicated.

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