Debra Kircher

Vice President, Operations

Debra Kircher has more than 23 years of experience in the government programs payer and provider operations space. She started in a mailroom and progressed to senior leadership roles, but never lost her love for building and improving processes. She has managed claims, encounter, enrollment, provider and customer service operations, so she knows firsthand the challenges that must be overcome to be financially and operationally sound, as well as compliant. While Debra has extensive knowledge in Medicaid, Medicare and commercial healthcare, her passion is seizing an opportunity, be it understanding a government demonstration program, fixing a broken process or team, or developing a new risk adjustment tool.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in making a job easier for the people who perform the tasks that really move a company forward. That’s why the continuous development of Babel Health’s capabilities and leading the operational integration of this great tool into other organizations is such a great fit for me